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The OW…

I was born almost as blind as the proverbial bat. I could see things that were very close, practically under my nose, but that was about it. When I was 8 years old, I got glasses – coke bottle glasses – and for the first time ever, I saw pinecones on the trees.

I had read Helen Keller and was so moved by her story that I wanted to be her. She was one of my all time heroines and I wanted to know what life was like, not being able to see. So I would pretend I was completely blind. I would take off my dreaded coke bottle glasses, close my eyes, and navigate around our big old house in North Carolina, feeling my way along the walls, noting the texture of the walls, the wall paper, the coolness of the painted wood trim around the doors. I remember, especially, the iron fireplace covering in my bedroom. It had a lovely bumpy texture and a small knob in the center. How my fingers and hands loved exploring the world around me!

The WOW!

In the 1990s, when I first became a student at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, we were taught that we have many ways to perceive the world. All of the senses – touch, taste, smell, sight – were doorways into experiencing the Human Energy Field. We began to develop our High Sense Perception, using all of our senses to “see” inside the body.

Those childhood years of ‘feeling’ the world through my fingertips came flooding back to me. This exquisite “knowing” of my hands and fingers, this kinesthetic sense of touch sense was my first experience with High Sense Perception. The first time this happened, I softened my physical hands and allowed my energetic hands to sink, ever so gently and lovingly, into my client’s heart chakra. Such sweetness, such longing, such sorrow. I felt the pulse of his heartbeat in my hands. And as I dropped even more deeply into contact with him, I felt the blood moving through the chambers of his heart. I felt the cells “breathing” – inspiration and expiration. My hands lit up with the contact. My client’s heart chakra opened up to the kinesthetic, energetic and physical contact of my hands. His body drank in the touch.

Bats, as it turns out, are not blind. They have excellent sight, just rather small eyes. Their extra sense perception – sonar vision – means they can “see” in the dark as well.

We all have this “high sense perception” (HSP) to perceive the world around us. And here are a few suggestions about how you can strengthen and refine your own HSP.

  1. Pretend you cannot see. Put on a blindfold and navigate your way around your house. Use your hands to feel the world around you. (Move slowly and consciously, so that you don’t hurt yourself.)
  2. Pretend you have “extendable ears” like they do in Harry Potter. Sit in a crowded restaurant or classroom or in nature and use your intention to “project your extendable ears” to a table across the room, or a group of people gathered together talking. (If listening to other people feels like eavesdropping, then shift your focus to the birds, the insects, the sound of the wind in the trees.)
  3. Ask for volunteers – friends, pets – to let you put your hands on their arm and “imagine” that you are connecting to the muscles, the blood, bones, and cells in their arm. Or practice this on yourself. This will deepen your kinesthetic sense.
  4. Have fun and allow yourself to explore the world of HSP!

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