Krysantha Healing Meditations 2




Each meditation has been infused with energetic transmissions for profound healing and transformation.

These meditations take you on a journey to experience the sacredness of your physical body; explore the primary misconceptions that stop you from living your life fully; find the longing that lives deep inside of you, guiding you to your soul’s purpose; and connect with the Still Point of the Heart and Infinite Possibility.

Krysantha Healing 2  – Introduction 1:18

This Sacred Body Intro 1:22

This Sacred Body     12:20

Your Soul’s Longing Intro 2:38

Your Soul’s Longing 15:30

Primary Misconception Intro 3:30

Primary Misconception 13:06

The Still Point of the Heart Intro   2:44

The Still Point of the Heart  14:34


Total Playing time: 67:03



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