After years of requests for recordings of channelled meditations, I finally gathered with a talented group of collaborators to create these recordings. Some of us gathered at Sound Loom Studio in Burlington, VT for a week long immersion in meditations and sound healing. Others of us collaborated from afar. The end result was this experience of powerful co-creation and joy in what came through all of us, individually and collectively.


Extended Versions Available!

In addition, I am delighted to offer extended versions of my most popular meditation, “The Golden Lotus,” as well as “Movement is Freedom,” featuring Marda Turman’s beautiful work with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Viola, to deepen the meditation experience. These versions offer the original meditation plus extended soundscapes at the end. Healers often use these extended versions when working with clients. The transformative energy that comes through the meditation and soundscapes supports and deepens the healing process.


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