Life is not always easy, with its joys and sorrows, health and illness, pleasure and pain.

Through your work with Laurie Thorp and Krysantha Healing, you can:

  • Live your life with purpose and let your infinite light shine
  • Access your animating life force
  • Increase self-confidence, awareness, and creativity
  • Put your past pain into perspective
  • Open to all that life has to offer

...Into the fullness of being human
...Into the essence of being You

  • My Private Practice

    Quite simply, I love people. I am continually shown that my extensive experience, deep care, and broad understanding of our interconnectedness results in a…

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  • Love & Praise

    Laurie Thorp is without a doubt the most compassionate, insightful and effective healer and teacher I have encountered. She embodies a powerful yet gentle,…

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  • Workshops

    Teaching, particularly about Energy Healing and Personal Transformation, is one of the greatest joys in my life. It is such an honor to get…

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  • Collage

    Every collage is like a healing... no, every collage is a healing. Sitting in the unknown, magazines and images strewn about; sometimes first a feeling arises…

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Meditation CDs

Each meditation CD has been infused with energetic transmissions for profound healing and transformation.

Volume 1 - Through these energetic transmissions for healing and transformation, you are led into deeper dimensions of your being and the profound connection that exists between you and everything else; your capacity for joy; infinite compassion; and your animating life force that wants to express itself through movement.

Volume 2 - These meditations take you on a journey to experience the sacredness of your physical body; explore the primary misconceptions that stop you from living your life fully; find the longing that lives deep inside of you, guiding you to your soul's purpose; and connect with the Still Point of the Heart and Infinite Possibility.

Free Download

Free sample meditation

My gift to you - a Guided Krysantha Healing Meditation. I hope that you will enjoy this meditation as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Please download the introduction as well as the meditation itself.

With much love and gratitude,