Krysantha Healing in Ireland 2017

Krysantha Healing Workshop in Ireland 2017


Mucklagh Retreat Centre, Wicklow, IRELAND

June 30 – July 2, 2017

Come! Join us for a deeply transforming, highly pleasurable and powerfully healing Krysantha Healing Retreat!

As a facilitator, I will come with a very deep well of possibilities – as will all of the participants. The “tools” that I will bring are the following (and likely many, many more!):

~ Krysantha Healing – Accessing the Golden Template of Divine Perfection, to facilitate and support healing on any, and all levels of being

~ The Quantum Field – A doorway to Infinite Possibility

~The Still Point of the Heart

~ The power of the Dimension of Intention – Transforming possibility and Soul’s Longing into Manifestation

~ The exquisite practices of Cellular Movement, Guided Meditation, Group Healings, the magic of journaling and a practicum of hands-on healing.

Every gathering is different. The people, the time, the place will all insure that this is the case. The Arising Moment will guide us. The Group Field will inform us.

The Unknown will open us to the “new-ly known”.

The Retreat will be held at beautiful Mucklagh Lodge nestled in the heart of County Wicklow. It is a lovingly renovated lodge – built on the foundation and surrounded by the antique gardens of an old hunting lodge. This cheerful, warm and cozy lodge is cocooned by a forest filled with mystical trees with an extraordinary river nearby.

Meals will be catered by Dorene Palmer, world famous chef at the Happy Pear, and creator of Divine Foods. She works with organic foods to create a wholesome, healthy, and healing culinary experience.


€395 Per Person Vegetarian Meals & Twin Ensuite Lodging Included

€375 Per Person Vegetarian Meals & Dormitory Lodging Included

€350 Per Person Vegetarian Meals & Cozy Sleeping Bag Lodging

Total number of participants is 20 people.

Email to register: or phone +353 83 824 2823


Friday 30th June
5pm: Arrive at meeting point in Wicklow. We will drive in convoy to the lodge to assist you in getting there with ease.
6pm: Dinner
7pm – 9pm Evening Session

Saturday 1st July
9:30 – 5:30

Sunday 2nd July
9:30 – 5:00

On Sunday breakfast and lunch provided.
Teas and snacks will be provided all weekend.

Free Webinar

Thursday, March 16, 2017, from 7:30 – 8:30 pm, Eastern Time.

I welcome you to join me for my free webinar, Finding Coherency in an Incoherent World
Free webinar flyer  

We are in a time of great change and instability throughout the world – a deep sense of unrest. This external distress creates internal distress; a physical and emotional imbalance in our bodies.
In this webinar, we will explore how to access the cellular coherency that illuminates every cell of the human body. This internal light forms a matrix that can bring us into way of being; an internal place where we can rest and restore during these challenging times. We have the opportunity to be nourished by the resonant coherency that is our inner GPS system.



Come join me at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Raleigh, NC on February 25th and 26th.  At my Krysantha Healing Booth #506, I will be offering 15 minute healings ($20), lots of information about Krysantha Healing and my guided meditation CDs at special Expo pricing of $12.  I will be presenting a lecture on Sunday at 3:00pm entitled “What ‘The Walking Dead’ Taught me About Being Alive!”  I look forward to connecting with you there.

Raleigh 2017 poster


Teaching, particularly about Energy Healing and Personal Transformation, is one of the greatest joys in my life. It is such an honor to get to ride the waves of transformation with the participants in every seminar that I lead. I facilitate healing workshops throughout the world.

Here are some of my offerings:

Foundational workshop: Krysantha Healing, Movement, and Meditation Workshop DSC_0515-Movement workshop

In this experiential workshop, we will use movement, guided meditation and hands-on exploration as avenues to access The Krysantha – the underlying golden matrix that animates and connects all of life.

What might you expect to get from this workshop, aside from a lot of fun? The possibilities are limitless!
* Connect to your animating life force, your authentic passion and joy
* Discover new experiential doorways into self- awareness.
* Access ‘The Still Point of the Heart’ – a portal into the realms of infinite possibility
* Explore hand-on healing through the Krysantha
* Walk the Labyrinth
* Dance around the fire on Saturday night

Thdsc01317-croppedis 2-1/2 day workshop can be brought to your area by contact me for details.

This workshop is also offered as a 5-day retreat. We are currently planning for a Winter 2017 retreat in Costa Rica.
If you are interested in bringing a Krysantha Healing Foundational Workshop to your area, please contact me

Advanced Krysantha Healing

#1 – Still Point of the Heart Weekend Workshop

One of the great mysteries to me about “metaphysical healing” is that it is deeply rooted in the physical body. In the heart there is a tiny node in the right atrium called the sino-atrial node. This is the spark of life, the place where the electrical impulse for the heartbeat arises. The first time I learned about this tiny node in the chamber of the heart, these words came to me: “out of the void, life arises.” That changed everything for me. Life arises out of the emptiness, out of the nothingness, out of the infinite possibility.

This mysterious chamber of the heart and it’s tiny node are the doorway into what the quantum physicists call the “Zero Point Field” or, “the Still Point of the Heart”. When you drop in to the Still Point of The Heart, you drop into the quantum wave and the field of infinite possibility.
This is a deep and joyful workshop in which we explore the healing potential of the Still Point of the Heart and the Zero Point Field.

If you are interested in bringing a Still Point of the Heart workshop to your area, please contact me.

#2 Heart of Creation Weekend Workshop

All of us came into this life to bring unique, exquisite gifts of ‘being’ and many of us still long to bring those gifts into the world. Some of us don’t know what these gifts are; some of us simply know this deep ache inside because we have not yet opened to the fullness of our Light and Being.
Some of us have manifested parts of our essence and brilliance in the world and yet feel like there is a next step to take. What does your heart long for? What unexplored wells of creativity are waiting to come into your life and be expressed through you?

The impetus for the workshop was when I was leading a group meditation and the words came out of my mouth “Remember, that the creation longs to be created through you as much as you long to create it.” Our creations are living organisms that are already in the ambient field and are calling to us just as much as we’re calling to them.

In ‘The Heart of Creation,’ we use a myriad of experiences to help us remember and reconnect. You will have the opportunity to connect with, identify, and open to your purpose, your soul’s longing, and take specific steps to bring that creation into the world. You will explore how your energy field holds your creative impulse. You will move with your creative impulse that flows out from your every cell and from the center of your heart. You will work with your energy field to align with your purpose and to support you in manifesting that purpose.

The Heart of Creation Workshop provides a sacred container in which you can experience your life’s purpose and your heart’s longing.

If you are interested in bringing The Heart of Creation workshop to your area, please contact me.

Sound Healing Weekend Workshop with Marda Turman

DSC_0328b-sound healing

DSC_0214-Marda-sound healing

Here we are – amazing souls in these incredible, mysterious bodies that have the ability to connect into a miraculous flow of energy to create

profound change and healing. Sometimes this connection seems like a total miracle and other times, it seems like the natural flow of life.

The bottom line is that we are vibrational energy itself and we respond profoundly to other vibrational energy.

If you are interested in bringing a Sound Healing workshop to your area, please contact me.

Hands of Light Workshop


This workshop is the foundational seminar for the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH). Participants will learn the fundamental skills of Hands of Light Healing as developed and taught by Dr. Barbara Brennan, author of “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”.
In this workshop, we will:

  • Explore the 4 dimensions of humankind
  • Align with the power of your intention
  • Learn about the structure and function of the energy field
  • Discover how to bring your longings into the physical world
  • Practice perceiving with High Sense Perception
  • Practice giving and receiving healings

Learn how Brennan Healing Science is a path of personal transformation

If you are interested in bringing a Hands of Light workshop to your area, please contact me.