Life is not always easy, with its joys and sorrows, health and illness, pleasure and pain.

Through your work with Laurie Thorp and Krysantha Healing, you can:

  • Live your life with purpose and let your infinite light shine
  • Access your animating life force
  • Increase self-confidence, awareness, and creativity
  • Put your past pain into perspective
  • Open to all that life has to offer

...Into the fullness of being human
...Into the essence of being You

Meditation CDs

Each meditation CD has been infused with energetic transmissions for profound healing and transformation.

Volume 1 - Through these energetic transmissions for healing and transformation, you are led into deeper dimensions of your being and the profound connection that exists between you and everything else; your capacity for joy; infinite compassion; and your animating life force that wants to express itself through movement.

Volume 2 - These meditations take you on a journey to experience the sacredness of your physical body; explore the primary misconceptions that stop you from living your life fully; find the longing that lives deep inside of you, guiding you to your soul's purpose; and connect with the Still Point of the Heart and Infinite Possibility.

Free Download

Free sample meditation

My gift to you - a Guided Krysantha Healing Meditation. I hope that you will enjoy this meditation as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Please download the introduction as well as the meditation itself.

With much love and gratitude,